What is ABC?
The Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC) and its individual state branches are professional organizations designed to support wedding vendors and advance the wedding industry. The mission of ABC is to achieve these goals by continually working to increase the professionalism and recognition of wedding vendors worldwide.

ABC-New Mexico is the New Mexico branch of ABC. ABC-New Mexico members receive benefits provided by ABC as well as benefits created exclusively for New Mexico wedding vendors, such as co-op and/or discounted rates on advertising and bridal shows in New Mexico.

For a list of ABC membership requirements and benefits, visit the Association of Bridal Consultants website.

ABC-New Mexico Meetings
The New Mexico branch of ABC meets monthly for networking and informational presentations by wedding or business development professionals.

The meeting date usually falls on the fourth Tuesday of a month. The meeting time is 6:00pm-8:00pm. The meeting location varies in accordance with requests from New Mexico wedding venues to host an ABC meeting. This system allows the membership to become familiar with the many venues available.

Each monthly meeting features a tour of the meeting location, including a brief presentation by the location’s host.

The agenda consists of three 15-minute presentations by wedding or business development professionals. These presentations are intended to provide new or updated information about wedding trends, the wedding industry, and individual wedding businesses.

The list of presenters is determined in advance. Any active ABC member may request to be a presenter. Non-member wedding or business professionals may also request to be presenters.

The meeting agenda concludes with introductions of each meeting attendee and general announcements.

ABC-New Mexico Website
To supplement the ABC website, ABC-New Mexico maintains this local website.

Our website is designed to:

  1. introduce brides to ABC-New Mexico members
  2. address wedding industry issues
  3. address ABC-New Mexico branch business

Active ABC-New Mexico members are listed on the website and given links to their individual business websites. In the event that member requests special service for his or her listing or becomes delinquent in paying dues, a fee of $5 will be assessed for the special service or reinstatement of listing.

Member listings are based on information provided by each member. This information must be provided in writing (by mail, fax, or email) by each member to ABC-New Mexico in order for a listing to appear on the website. Novice members, by definition, are not listed on the website until they complete requirements for full consultants.

The website is updated quarterly. Search engine ranking for the website and general maintenance is addressed continuously. The State Coordinator of ABC-New Mexico is responsible for collecting/updating information for the website and forwarding it to the webmaster.

ABC-New Mexico Fee Requirements
In addition to the annual fee schedule set forth by ABC, ABC-New Mexico assesses the following fees:

  • Per meeting fee = $5/member; $7/non-member
  • Holiday Dinner Meeting fee (optional) = varies according to selected venue (approx. $20)

Meeting fees support the monthly ABC-New Mexico newsletter, maintenance of the ABC-New Mexico website, and any miscellaneous expenses necessary for the organization.

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State Manager: Erika Anderson
Telephone: 505-321-8978
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Association of Bridal Consultants
56 Danbury Road, Ste 22, New Milford CT 06776
Telephone: 860-355-0464
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